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What We Do

Clinical Support Solutions (CSS) are specialist providers of managed clinical pharmacy services for PCNs and GP practices across the UK. Our services are designed to enhance patient care, reduce workloads, and streamline processes through a fully managed model led by clinical pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

Our Support

Our support packages are fully customisable and tailored to the specific needs of each PCN. This ensures that the support provided aligns with their objectives and requirements. This personalised approach allows PCNs to receive the most relevant and impactful support to achieve powerful and high-quality outcomes for their member practices and patients.

With a wealth of experience of working within primary care, we understand how pharmacists and pharmacy technicians can best support PCNs, patients and the NHS.


Our Approach

At Clinical Support Solutions, our approach is centred around insight, innovation, and collaboration to drive positive change in healthcare services.  By leveraging our expertise and staying up to date with industry advancements, we strive to shape services that deliver better value for money and ultimately improve outcomes for patients.

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CSS are ideally placed to provide the expertise, skills, and capacity

Unlock the Benefits of Having a Pharmacist on Your Team

Our research shows that GPs spend a significant amount of time managing prescriptions, medication reviews, reconciliation tasks, patient compliance, and chronic conditions. CSS offers a comprehensive pharmacist-led service model that effectively addresses medication-related activities, offering practices a cost-effective solution. This partnership enhances patient care and practice efficiency.

Our Pharmacy Professionals

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive support to Primary Care Networks (PCNs) and GP practices by recruiting highly qualified clinical pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who meet the specific requirements outlined in the Network Contract Directed Enhanced Service (DES). These trained professionals play a crucial role in assisting PCNs in achieving key targets and objectives.

Our experienced pharmacists are equipped to conduct Structured Medication Reviews (SMRs), contribute to Impact Investment Funds (IIF) initiatives, and support the attainment of Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) targets within the PCN. Additionally, they are instrumental in reducing the medication-related workload for GP surgeries operating within the PCN.

Best-In-Class Expertise

Get expert guidance, every step of the way.

Ensure the right outcomes and realise value faster with proven methodologies, tools, and experts —informed by thousands of successful projects.

UK Wide Agility

Efficient, national operations delivered through proactive, highly flexible partnerships.

Safe, secure, and effective support nationwide.

Leading Quality Standards

Raising the bar for quality benchmarks, recruiting talented professionals, and training for excellence.

Every service is meticulously supervised by our senior pharmacist team to ensure that we not only meet but exceed our stringent quality standards.

Why choose CSS Pharmacist-led Services?

Key Features of our Pharmacist-led Services

  • End to end recruitment process including onboarding, mobilisation and integration into practice
  • Ongoing support for PCN and practices, monitoring of service and regular reviews
  • Senior clinical and peer support for pharmacists
  • In practice and remote solutions
  • Secure HSCN NHS Approved Network
  • Fast deployment and flexible options
  • Nationwide service options
  • Fully insured, trained and GPhC registered pharmacists
  • Training and education
  • DSPT standards met
  • GDPR compliant
  • Fully managed service
  • Extended access
  • Management of CPPE pathway and supervision
  • Support with CQC inspections
  • Network Contract Directed Enhanced Service (DES)
  • Includes all ongoing employment costs including management and HR
  • Access to clinical rooms and equipment